How to Look After your Jujube Trees

The ziziphus jujuba and associated cultivars are proven, resilient species particularly in extreme weather conditions.

Here are a few tips on how to best look after your tree:

1. As the tree will develop a deep root system, it is best to plant into the ground in a well-draining soil.

2. If planting a potted jujube tree, simply turn the pot upside down, making sure that you are supporting the main leader (at the graft) with one hand (so it doesn’t fall out) and gently tap the pot on all sides to release the tree. Then plant into moist soil. It is preferable to plant in the wintertime when the tree is dormant. Use a kelp or seaweed product such as Seasol™ to help minimise any transplant shock.

3. If planting a bare-rooted jujube tree, as you will be receiving the tree in the wintertime when it is dormant, you must plant immediately into moist ground as soon as you receive. This will prevent the roots from drying out. Although the tree is dormant, the roots/tree is still very much alive. To help prevent any transplant shock, use a kelp or seaweed product such as Seasol™ when planting.

4. Do not plant the tree in extreme heat as this will cause transplant shock.

5. Where possible, do your best to avoid planting the tree close to any underground water or electrical services. Due to the deep root system that will develop, this may cause issues in the long term for example: Roots entering and blocking drains etc. Please note: The jujube tree will tend to sucker beneath the graft. Any suckers can be easily plucked/trimmed away.

6. Be aware of the sharp thorns on many of the varieties. Sharp thorns will develop in the initial years as the tree establishes. At maturity (approximately 6 years), your jujube tree will begin to gradually shed its thorns.

7. For a fertiliser, an aged and mixed chicken manure is fantastic. Do not use fresh chicken manure directly from the chicken coop as the levels of ammonia are too intense. Dynamic Lifter™ or similar products are great examples that are readily available at your local gardening centre.

8. If you are planting a commercial orchard, drip irrigation is the most direct and efficient way to deliver water to your trees. The same can be said for around the home.

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