Popular Jujube Varieties in the Australian Market

Grafted Potted Jujube Trees

Our potted trees start out life as a seedling from wild ziziphus rootstocks. The seedling then develops into a small tree in approximately a 10 month timeframe. We then graft the desired jujube variety using budwood from our orchard to produce the final product in a 150mm x 150mm x 220mm pot. The root system is complete and undisturbed through out the process.

The jujube tree will develop a large root system which is a testament to it’s drought tolerance. It is a very hardy tree and can withstand extreme weather conditions once established. Jujube trees can tolerate a range of differing soil types. Depending on your location in Australia, expect to harvest your crop from March to the end of April for Chinese varieties. The jujube tree is deciduous and will become dormant in the winter time.

For large commercial quantities, we can either deliver in person, send via freight in pots or send via freight bare rooted in the winter time (most economical). Please note, as we use a soil-based potting mixture, we can not send potted trees into Western Australia (must be bare rooted).

Our current available varieties are Li, Li 2, Shanxi Li and Chico.

Please enquire for any commercial quantities as we will grow to order. Pricing will also change to wholesale rates.

Li Fruit

The Li variety is regarded as the ‘larger’ variety of jujube and oval in shape. 30mm – 40mm in diameter. Best picked when they are a mix of burgundy and yellow in colour. The Li variety is tart to an apple-like sweet in taste and crispy texture when eaten fresh. Instead of a core like an apple, there is a small stone.

Also, beautiful as a dried, chewy ‘red date’ with noticeable hints of caramel flavours.

As a tree, the Li variety is self-pollinating.

Li 2 Fruit

Li 2 is the later fruiting cousin to the Li cultivar, and you would say it is almost identical regarding shape and taste. In our experience, the fruit is very slightly larger again than Li although this can vary depending on other varieties planted in your orchard. Also a heavy cropping tree.

Tree is self pollinating.

Shanxi Li Fruit

Known as the largest of the Li family, the Shanxi Li is a delightful eating fruit. Larger again in size (at an average weight of 40g at a tree maturity of 3-5 Years old) with a very slight spherical shape in comparison to the Li and Li 2. 30mm – 50mm in diameter. The tree is self pollinating.

Again, when picked in between the yellow and burgundy stage, they are crisp, crunchy and sweet with hints of tart.

Fantastic as a dried, red date as well!

Chico Fruit

Chico is a small to medium variety of jujube ranging from 20mm-30mm in diameter.

It looks a lot like a miniature apple with familiar centre dimples on the top and bottom and a flat/oval shape. Again, a stone fruit as most jujube varieties. The tree is self pollinating.

Crunchy and crisp texture and a ‘more-ish’ jujube. Great for snacking on. Lower juice content in comparison to the Li varieties.

Best eaten fresh.

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