Our Story

Its Jody and Marcus here. What better time than now to tell you a little bit about us and our family farm at Cambrai, South Australia.

We have started from humble beginnings since owning the property over the last 19 years, rebuilding and restoring our farm with the help from our amazing family and friends.

Being located in one of the driest places in our country led us to explore different crops that we could grow that would require minimal water inputs.

After many weeks, days and hours searching, we stumbled across Jujube fruit. The further we investigated, the more amazed we became by the fruit, regarding the positive health benefits and its resilience as a tree to grow in extreme conditions.

Fast-forward to today and we are now one of the first high-density Jujube orchards in Australia.  We are also very proud to have constructed a purpose built nursery based on 25 years of experience, for Jujube tree propagation, that is now in full swing. 

As a father and son duo, we are very excited to be apart of an important, emerging industry in Australia. We look forward to what the next 20 – 30+ years has in store and take pride in specialising in the Jujube on our family farm.

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