Our Team

Jody Miltenoff

Co Founder, Thought Leader and Visionary, The elder and the wiser…

With over 30 years experience in the building industry, Jody has a profound skill set in starting with a blank canvas, and developing it into something special and unique. 

This led Jody to make his childhood dream a reality: “Own a unique property that he could live off of and provide for his family”.  This began with Jody turning the severely, run-down 1920’s cottage into the family’s home.

It was thinking ‘outside of the square’ that led to the construction of a vertical nursery, Aquaponics system and ultimately, the birth of Jujubes SA, with a high density Jujube orchard and tree propagation facility at Cambrai, South Australia. 

Jody’s childhood dream has now extended – to provide the best quality Jujubes, Australia wide.

Marcus Miltenoff

Co Founder, Business and Customer Relations, Youth is still on his side…..just.

A passion for living a healthy lifestyle, eating copious amounts of food and the unique opportunity to be able to work along side his father led Marcus on the journey to being apart of the birth of Jujubes SA. 

Marcus has always been interested in the power of nutritious foods that can help the body perform at its optimum with longevity in mind. 

Marcus draws from his practical experience from working in the mining, building and solar industries to bring creative ideas to the table to continue to develop the farm and the brand. 

Both Jody and I are excited to be a part of the rising Jujube industry in Australia.

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